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19/02/2014 Lượt tải: 48 Đã xem: 2216

[Template Web] - Game Portal - [email protected] - Free Template

HTML | 667 KB | Miễn Phí

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Mô tả chi tiết

Free CSS template designed in dark color scheme. This black, high-tech website template is the perfect match for all “modern” businesses, especially for the gaming industry. Be sure that by using our free CSS template, your portal / blog / forum will stand out from the crowd. It’s clean, smart and attractive. That’s all you need to impress your visitors, friends and family. We did our best to struct and comment the code properly, so do not expect any difficulties when it comes to editing the free CSS template.

It’s as easy as pie to replace the text and images. You need just some basic html skills in order to do that. The gaming CSS template comes in two different purchasing options – regular and extended. This means that you will either download the template for free and keep the backlink or pay the extended license and remove the backlink to our website. You will get the PSD file along with the extended license. Either way, it’s a great template and we strongly suggest you to have it in your personal collection.

Template Features:

  • jQuery Slideshow
  • Properly commented code
  • Valid HTML / CSS Markup
  • Tested on PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile devices
  • Compatibility (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)


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